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Let’s get your kitchen organized and possibly updated!

Many Rochester, New York families are getting their families ready to go back to school and life will soon fall into more of a routine. It’s time to get your kitchen ready for the fall season and major holidays. Before schedules get busy, why not take an afternoon and organize your kitchen? If your time is limited, complete one step at a time.

  1. Start with a thorough scrubbing of your kitchen then clean out your drawers, pantries, refrigerators and donate hard goods you don’t use regularly. Next give your pots, pans and dinner wear a look and fix or replace broken pieces.
  2. Go through your spices and check dates, it’s recommended to dispose of spices on the following schedule:

Ground Spices- 2-3 years

Whole Spices - 3-4 years

Seasoning Blends - 1-2 years

Herbs - 1-3 years

3. Once you’ve pared down your kitchen, moving items to areas for easy access makes sense. This Popular blog “The Kitchn” uses a diagram to make this process easy.

You’ve scrubbed, paired down, organized and now you either love your kitchen or need some professional remodeling help. If your kitchen has stained, cracked or out of date counter-tops, you may need to remodel. Maybe your stove/range has seen better days, or your back-splash is vintage (but not in a good way 😊). Now is the time to meet with a design professional to better understand your options. A Kitchen Designer will know what you can expect for your budget and probably show you options you may have not considered. If you start in September, you can expect to have your kitchen updated in time to bake your favorite holiday cookie recipe or host the whole family for Thanksgiving.

Good luck getting organized and possibly updating your kitchen!