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Lighting Trends

Here at The Inde Design Studio, we love to experiment with trends going on in the design world, but we want you love your home for longer than a short-lived fad.

A wonderful way to incorporate a cool trend in your home with out going too out of the box is lighting! One trend that we have played with in our kitchen and bath remodels is mixing metals! Mixing different metal finishes allows you to incorporate different looks throughout your space, while keeping things cohesive.

Two of the most popular combinations we have seen is black and gold, and black and stainless. Picking a light fixture with a combo of finishes is a fantastic way to mix metals in other aspects of your space like hardware and accessories.

Another trend we have seen is bold fixtures being the focal point of a room. If you like to keep things simple but do not want to make your space to feel plain, a simple update would be changing your light fixture to something bold. Whether it is a pop of color, texture, or structure, it is an effortless way to make a statement in your space that will catch one’s eye.