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Simple to Luxury, Extraordinary Value-The Inde Studio

If you are looking for luxury interior designers, you may have heard of The Inde Design Studio.

We specialize in remodeling kitchens, baths, and other areas of your home. We often start with a kitchen project, and it may turn into a complete home remodel. “Inde” designers are an experienced, talented team who can match the style of any home from farmhouse to ultra-modern. While it is true that we have completed many luxury projects we are also considered by many an affordable kitchen remodeler. If you peek at our website, you will find a collage of past projects to view. We can work with any budget and accomplish a beautiful remodel. Our motto is “Simple to Luxury, Extraordinary Value”. Between our designers and our craftsmen your project and budget are in good hands with The Inde Design Studio.

Check out our past project here: