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The Inde Design Studio Remodels Closets Too!!!

    Having a functional, organized closet system can change how your day starts. Making sure you have the proper storage for all your items, whether that is your clothes, belts, shoes, bags, or hats, is important. Do you tend to hang your clothes or like them placed in drawers? The good news is most closet systems have options for either.

    One thing to keep in mind is there is no right or wrong way to organize due to each person having different items in their closets. You may have a ton of sweaters that need shelves while others have more hanging items that need hangers. What we suggest before tackling a closet change is to decide how you prefer to have your items stored. Then plan on how many you will need of each type, whether it is hanging, shelves, baskets, or drawers.

    Nice features that closet systems offer is accessory holders, belt racks, scarf racks, hanging rods to hang your next day outfits and more. Another item that is becoming more popular is adding an ironing board pullout in your closet. Conveniently now located in your closet, no more struggling to find your iron and ironing board, it is right there when needed!

    A remodeled, organized closet can make your life much easier. Having a place for everything reduces stress and leads to productivity. The Inde Design Studio in Rochester, NY has great options to organize your space.