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Tips for adding brightness to kitchen

When I first meet with customers, one of my first questions is always what do you love and hate about your existing kitchen? One of the top complaints I hear is lighting. Are you one of the majorities of homeowners in Rochester with a single light in the middle of your kitchen? The one that casts a shadow right into your workspace when you are working at the countertop. That is just the way that homes used to be built.

Today, there are so many ways to add brightness to the kitchen. It is important to layer lighting. There is ambient, which lights the entire room, task lighting, like under-cabinet or in-cabinet lights and decorative fixtures which typically are beautiful but do not cast a lot of light in the space.

Can you add a window to the space? This can make a significant difference in the overall brightness of the space, but it is important to know if the sunlight will be in the room before you make this investment.

Looking for a quick fix without a whole remodel? Do not be afraid of adding a light and bright color on the walls of a room to make a quick, cost-effective change to your existing space. You can also change out your countertop to something lighter if your cabinets are in great shape and ready for another 10 years of use.