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What is a product allowance?

When putting together an estimate for a remodeling project that includes so many choices, it’s important to really understand what a customer is looking for. Are you replacing, refinishing, or simply keeping your existing floor as is? Do you prefer the look of quartz or granite? White cabinets or hickory? Each of these options come with a different cost.

At The Inde Design Studio in Rochester, NY, we take the time to really understand what it is that each client is looking for so we can put together a realistic estimate by building allowances. An allowance should include all aspects of the project, no matter how small, including pendant lights over the island or a new chandelier over the dining room table. Don’t forget a new garbage disposal or even grout for your backsplash. These details can add up and should be considered from the beginning of your project.

An allowance is helpful for you to understand how much your project can cost and helps us to guide you during selections to keep you in budget.